How to Improve Your Divorce Law Firm’s SEO

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In this cutthroat era of competition, your website needs to stand out from the others. The best way to that is by improving the ranking of your page. So that whenever searches for something like ‘ San Diego Family Attorney ,’ your website comes at the top.

Here’s how to improve your Divorce Law Firm’s SEO:

1. Write lots of articles: To improve your SEO, you need to write as many articles as possible. However, the trick is to place your keywords strategically. First, you have to find out which keywords to use. There are also several apps available, which will give you an idea about the most searched keywords. In the case of divorce law firm, you should focus on the world ‘ divorce‘. You should also frequently mention the name of your firm and the region which you are serving. However, make sure that you do not overuse the keyword. Keyword stuffing may result in a poor ranking. And also make sure that you don’t post articles, which are copied or stolen from somewhere else. Apart from lowering your rank, your reputation will also take a hit.

2. Write proper headlines: Apart from the content of the articles, the headlines which you choose is also very important. The top search engines like Google and Bing use your headlines to figure out the topic of your articles. Hence, they need to be descriptive. Try to include the word ” Divorce Law Firm” in it. Apart from boosting your SEO, a good headline is important for the article as well. Because if the readers find your headline confusing, then they won’t bother to read it.

3. Have a well-performing website: The design of your website also matters a lot. The visitors should be able to easily navigate through the web page. Your website loading speed will also impact your SEO. Hence, it will be better to avoid too many HD images or videos, because they make your website slow.

4. Mobile Friendly: In this age of smartphones, maximum users will visit your website through their mobile devices. Hence, make sure that your website loads properly and works fast in cell phones. If your website works slowly on mobile phones, then your ranking will also decrease. You should take the Google Mobile Test to see how well your website is performing. In a case of any troubles, a WordPress plugin will be able to help you out.

5. Link building: This is very important if you want to improve your rankings. If there are many others websites which have a link to your website, then your rankings will also improve. To do that, you need to tie up with several bloggers or preferably legal bloggers. They have a large follower base and will be able to help you.

6. Be active on Social Networking websites: Before giving you a rank, search engines also check your social network presence. Hence, you should open accounts in all famous social networking websites, like Facebook or Twitter. Whenever you post or tweet something, add a link which directs to your website.