How to Print a Professional Business Card

Business cards have become a mandatory status symbol and a requirement for any establishment, be it a small or large scale firm. It is wise to have the business card designed professionally to portray the quality and standard of the company. It is important when printing San Diego business cards that you find a company that is experienced and has a high level of customer satisfaction.

3 Must-haves for Printing Professional Business Cards:

Unique Design: Even though hundreds of templates are readily available it is always advised to create new and unique designs that match your business and its purpose. A template might seem reasonable but in the end, might not deliver and can result in a weak and devalued impression of the company in the eyes of the consumers. Also, unique design can be only produced with satisfactory effects by professional designers

Printing caliber: Business card printing techniques and methods are in no way inferior to the content itself. Use of laser printers and digitalization technology to the maximum can significantly affect the impression of the reader. First quality prints in color can do wonders to hold the image of the cardholder. Further using textures to enhance the feel of the card like embossing, matte finishing, silk laminating and UV lighting will add a professional touch to the business card.
Text and Layout: Because the content is the primary concern of a business card, it should be designed with great care. The text’s font should be legible. The card should contain minimum words but speak a thousand words. Short phrases and company taglines can be used effectively. The professional business card always carries an appellation, company header, and a logo if space permits. It is designed to exude skill, confidence, and of course professionalism.

Cluttering and paraphrasing are to be strictly avoided in a business card, although back-to-back printing can be done. The flip side of the cards can be used to give additional information or to showcase pictures in relevance.

Importance of Professional Business cards:

Professional business cards are the only remnants of a company-clientele meeting, and hence their property of making a lasting impression is of the highest priority.

As a marketing strategy professional business cards are immensely useful in that they bring one’s company or service to the foreground. Big firms and establishments often look for servicing and outsourcing companies who carry a good name among the customers. For such firms to contact and keep in touch with the company the business card acts as a bridge. Traveling executives make it a point to carry their cards in case a formal introduction is necessary.
Apart from being extremely practical these cards also provide creative designers an opportunity to display their talents and start their entrepreneurial work. A business card is an entrepreneur’s or a business owner’s best friend and also his most valuable marketing accessory, plus an essential item of your office supplies and equipment. Unfortunately, many people today use business cards that do not have a proper definition regarding layout, design, and style. That’s a shame, as it is a powerful communication tool than you think.

Improve Your SEO with These 4 Simple Techniques

Dominate with Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to achieve more traffic and conversions on your website. This is the reason so many businesses use it as a means to grow and expand their services to a targeted audience. San Diego SEO, in itself, is no walk in the park;however, when you finally master them every Southern California business and website you make can turn to gold.

Saying all this, even the best SEOs in the world make mistakes, and most of the time, businesses are not using the most effective methods. An SEO company is usually the first point of call when you have SEO troubles because they know the methods that work and the ones that are going to help you profit. Nonetheless, here are four simple techniques that you can use to improve your SEO.

Pick Golden Keywords

Keywords are an overlooked aspect of SEO. This can lead to terrible campaigns that either receive no traffic or untargeted traffic. If you happen to choose the wrong keywords, you could be setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even begun your campaign. Why? Because if you choose a keyword too difficult you won’t get any traction and if you choose an easy keyword with no traffic, your campaign will be pointless.

You need to aim for a combination of mid-tail and long-tail keywords with both high search volume and targeted searches. What I mean by “targeted searches” is searches with buying intent. The individuals searching these terms should be looking for something, whether it be a product or a service. If you can get the site in front of them, they’re highly likely to convert. There are plenty of tools that you can use to research your keywords. Google’s Keyword Planner is a huge one, but for more details, KWFinder might be a better option.

Develop an Amazing Site

If you have little technical expertise when it comes to site development, you may be better off handing the work over to an Sacramento SEO company if you live in Northern California. However, if you feel up to the challenge of developing your site then go for it. Just be warned that it isn’t the easiest thing to do and you need to have a good structure to impress Google.

When you are developing the site, you’re planning to rank you need to create a decent structure that allows the Google bot to search through it thoroughly. You can either use silos or internally link your site with relevance (the best way). That way, you thematically link your site and help the reader find useful content, which Google likes.

Create Juicy, High-Quality Backlinks

This is one of the biggest techniques and one that a local SEO company would have mastered. You need a superb link profile to rank high in the search results. You can’t spam your site with links and expect it to rank. Saying this, you can still shoot a site with links and see it climb the SERPs but, put it this way; it won’t say there for long. You need high-quality links from trustful sites if you’re aiming for long-term results. This includes outreach or high-quality guest posts. You can also build the links yourself using trusty profile sites or web 2.0s but use outreach and relationship building is more effective.

Make Sure Your On-Page SEO is Perfect

On-page SEO is not as strong as it once was but is still a secret sauce in the SEO recipe. An SEO company will make sure your on-page SEO is excellent, with quality content and strong inter-linking. If you perform your on-page SEO correctly, you will have an easier time climbing the search results without the need for extreme backlinks.


With these four basic techniques, your SEO campaign will be a whole lot stronger. However, if you’re still a little stuck, you should always consider an SEO company because they already have the skills and knowledge to get you started. They may even be able to suggest some tips and advice. However, with SEO there is always something to learn. Hopefully, you have learned something with this article.

How to Improve Your Divorce Law Firm’s SEO

law firm

In this cutthroat era of competition, your website needs to stand out from the others. The best way to that is by improving the ranking of your page. So that whenever searches for something like ‘ San Diego Family Attorney ,’ your website comes at the top.

Here’s how to improve your Divorce Law Firm’s SEO:

1. Write lots of articles: To improve your SEO, you need to write as many articles as possible. However, the trick is to place your keywords strategically. First, you have to find out which keywords to use. There are also several apps available, which will give you an idea about the most searched keywords. In the case of divorce law firm, you should focus on the world ‘ divorce‘. You should also frequently mention the name of your firm and the region which you are serving. However, make sure that you do not overuse the keyword. Keyword stuffing may result in a poor ranking. And also make sure that you don’t post articles, which are copied or stolen from somewhere else. Apart from lowering your rank, your reputation will also take a hit.

2. Write proper headlines: Apart from the content of the articles, the headlines which you choose is also very important. The top search engines like Google and Bing use your headlines to figure out the topic of your articles. Hence, they need to be descriptive. Try to include the word ” Divorce Law Firm” in it. Apart from boosting your SEO, a good headline is important for the article as well. Because if the readers find your headline confusing, then they won’t bother to read it.

3. Have a well-performing website: The design of your website also matters a lot. The visitors should be able to easily navigate through the web page. Your website loading speed will also impact your SEO. Hence, it will be better to avoid too many HD images or videos, because they make your website slow.

4. Mobile Friendly: In this age of smartphones, maximum users will visit your website through their mobile devices. Hence, make sure that your website loads properly and works fast in cell phones. If your website works slowly on mobile phones, then your ranking will also decrease. You should take the Google Mobile Test to see how well your website is performing. In a case of any troubles, a WordPress plugin will be able to help you out.

5. Link building: This is very important if you want to improve your rankings. If there are many others websites which have a link to your website, then your rankings will also improve. To do that, you need to tie up with several bloggers or preferably legal bloggers. They have a large follower base and will be able to help you.

6. Be active on Social Networking websites: Before giving you a rank, search engines also check your social network presence. Hence, you should open accounts in all famous social networking websites, like Facebook or Twitter. Whenever you post or tweet something, add a link which directs to your website.

Generating Leads with SEO

Lead generation is an internet marketing tool applied by online marketers to produce inquiry or interest of potential customers in a particular product or service. Marketers aim to generate leads for various reasons, and this includes building list of prospective clients, acquiring files for an e-newsletter or to win customers to increase future sales. Leads are generated in many ways including pay per click advertising, search engine optimization or SEO and through social media. One successful contractors license bond website attributes nearly 40% of their new business to the proper use of online lead generation. The fact of the matter is internet marketing WORKS when done properly!

SEO is aimed at increasing the page rank of a site so that the website comes up on the first page of the search result for a particular search term. The best source for generating leads for both B2B marketers as well as for B2C marketers is SEO. According to a recent online marketing survey, SEO is better than social media and pay per click advertising. About 57% of B2B marketers believe that SEO is their primary source of lead generation while 41% of B2C marketers believe agrees with this. Hence, most of the online marketers are focusing their online marketing campaigns on SEO compared to other marketing methods.


Marketers believe that organic website traffic is the prime source of lead generation for online marketing. This is mainly because customers that come to their website via SEO are potential customers. This is because the clients were visiting a particular website by SEO are searching for a particular search term. And SEO provides relevant results according to the keywords search performed by online customers on a particular search engine. Therefore, when a visitor comes to a particular website through SEO result, he is searching for that particular product or service. Hence, people coming to any website through SEO are more likely to sign up for a newsletter or any other information about the product or service on a given website. These are genuine leads as the visitors come to the website with the intention of buying or inquiring about a particular product or a service.

On the other hand, people visiting a website through pay per click advertising come through sponsor links. Hence, there are fewer chances that a particular visitor may be the potential customer. Therefore, he is less likely to sign up for a newsletter and provide his email address and other details for inquiring about a product or service. Hence, generating leads with pay per click advertising is not very effective.

Similarly, people coming to a website through social media may or may not be potential customers. This is because these are the visitors who visit a particular site mostly on recommendations of their online friends and other people with whom they socialize. Some individuals who visit a given website via social media may be potential customers while others may just come to a site on their friend’s recommendations. Therefore, there are fewer chances of generating leads through social media as well.

Thus, SEO or search engine optimization is the most appropriate and relevant way of generating leads for any product or service on the internet. This is the main reason why many marketers prefer SEO over other marketing methods to generate leads for their products or services.

SEO vs PPC for Your Law Firm

SEO vs PPC for Your Law Firm

If you’ve been thinking about marketing your law firm online then you’ve probably heard of two very popular terms PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Which is better, PPC or SEO? The list below highlights four core factors that will help you decide.

No. 1: Trust Building

PPC guarantees you a spot on the first page of search results- when you use the right keywords. This is what every business wants to accomplish with their online marketing strategy, right? Of course! It’s why so many firms choose PPC. However, PPC is pure advertising, it doesn’t engage your potential client and it certainly doesn’t win over their trust. SEO on the other hand helps your firm gain the trust of potential clients. When clients conduct a search online and your website happens to rank on that first page, this solidifies trust in that persons eyes, it’s also going to be the reason they’re more likely to do business with you.

No.2: Reputation Building

As a company part of your marketing strategy should be to build your reputation with other businesses as well as with clients. Online it’s no different. Potential clients want to know that your business is reputable, that you’re someone people trust. Ranking on that first page through SEO is a stamp of approval, it means your firm is a thought leader, that it cares about relationship building, and most importantly- that Google agrees with that notion. PPC doesn’t do any of the above, instead it may have an adverse effect on your businesses reputation if it’s not executed correctly.

No. 3 Cost

Your marketing budget will determine which of the two you choose.PPC requires ongoing management and quite a large budget, as you’ll pay for the clicks and for Google to essentially manage your campaign. SEO isn’t that much cheaper, although you may have heard claims it’s up to 45% cheaper than PPC. The cost of SEO really depends on who you choose to develop, manage and execute your SEO strategy. The initial fees are similar to that of PPC however when it comes to management and execution the cost decreases.  Here is a video that explains the differences as well as the cost.

No. 4: Click Through Rate

This final point is probably the most important. As with any marketing strategy you end goal is to get more people in the door. You would be surprised to know that on both Google and Yahoo organic listings have a click through rate of more than 75%. That means PPC only gets a quarter of the clicks when compared to SEO. The first two reasons highlighted in this post are what makes organic listings so popular on search engines.

Overall SEO is Better

Your online marketing strategy should present your firm in the best light. Before you decide which one you’d prefer, you need to know your marketing goals.

SEO when executed correctly reaps far greater returns than PPC, however it isn’t as controlled as PPC. PPC guarantees you space on that first page but it’s not necessarily profitable. In our opinion SEO is definitely the better solution as you can see from the four factors listed above.

Legal Web Marketing Priorities

Legal Web Marketing Priorities

Legal Web Marketing Priorities

When you initially start working with a digital marketing agency to generate leads for your law practice, there are some tasks that take priority that really need to be done before any links are built or ads are placed.  The legal web marketing priorities the agency will take into consideration are tracking, site security, site speed and of course the client services you offer.  Here is why these things must come first.


In aggressive zones, some law offices burn through countless dollars every month on some type of web marketing. A significant number of these same attorneys don’t track anything! How do you know what is working if you don’t track your progress?  Some will freely track things like movement in rankings and where your traffic is coming from. Here are some better things to track:

  • Cost of Acquisition of Client By Source
  • Fee Generated Per Client By Source

There are a huge amount of tools you can use to track this stuff, here are a couple of them:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
  • Stat (GetStat)
  • CallRail
  • Salesforce

If you are not able to track the performance of your web marketing, then don’t spend money on it.


If your site won’t load in under a few seconds, you’re losing traffic pointlessly. In case you don’t know whether your pages are loading fast enough, you can use the following tools to check your site speed:

  • GTmetrix
  • WebPageTest
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom

If your site is running too slow your webmaster should be able to remedy the situation, while site speed may not seem like it would be such a big deal it really is.  Google values the user experience when it comes to ranking your site and in 2017 there is no reason it should take that long to load.


Security, particularly for a law practice is a major ordeal on the web. Initially, in the event that you handle any client data through your site, you have a commitment to secure it.  People come to attorneys expecting confidentiality and this definitely extends to the web and email correspondence.  The damage to your practice a data breach could do is incalculable.  Having a security certificate on your site will not only reassure your clients but it is also a ranking factor for Google.

Client Service

One of the things people look at especially when it comes to attorneys is reviews.  Reviews are all over the web and they are there to stay, negative or positive.  People come to an attorney expecting respect, your ability to listen and keep them informed.  Even if you are the best attorney in town you still need to guard your reputation zealously.  Make sure both you and your staff are particularly sensitive to client needs, reputation can make or break your practice.

There are plenty more things that your legal marketing team will tackle during the course of your relationship, but this is where it all starts.